Borosa’s Anniversary

Can you believe it? It’s been 13 amazing years. We’ve had our ups, and our downs, our peaks and valleys.

I’ve got some quotes here from the members about Borosa!

Borosa is a place full of both good and bad memories that has been around for over a decade. – What has stood out more than anything is those that have been around a long time to see Borosa get to where it is today. It hasn’t been easy but together we’ll overcome anything.


13 years a huge accomplishment, a truly humbling and shaking experience. I am honored to have been a part of this community for six long years.


Borosa is a nice place with people gathering and caring about you. I was on a huge hiatus before I came here, and it helped me. Thanks to this, I’m way better now ! I would recommand this place to anyone, since all of Borosa’s are now family to me. And I’m glad to be part of that.


I haven’t been here long, but the friendships I’ve made are priceless. Family I never thought I would have is what I discovered here. Thank you all for helping me through my life, and I will see you all later, love you guys!

Accapella Songfield

Everything is either a potato or not a potato :3 be proud of you. Even if you are potato.


Well, I joined borosa following a friend from an inactive server and found a whole wealth of fun and friendliness. I wasn’t expecting to stick around long, but now I doubt I’d leave willingly.


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